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Large daisy
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Daisies growing in grass
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Common Name: Daisy

As Gaeilge: Noinín

Scientific Name: Bellis perennis

Identification Tips: The flower heads have a prominent yellow disc surrounded by white ray florets. They are produced singly on long stalks growing from a leaf rosette. This rosette has spoon shaped leaves and grows to about 10 cm in height.

Flowering: Almost all year but most likely to be spotted in bloom from March to October.

 A Bit More About Daisies

A flower that really needs no introduction as it so well known. It gets its name from olden times when daisies were referred to as “day’s eye” due to the fact that the flowers only open properly when there is sunlight. Daisies are found in almost every place on earth except the Antarctica (poor penguins miss out!).

Daisy chains

I remember, that we use to spend hours upon hours making daisy chains and garlands at break time in Woodlawn National School. Making a daisy chain is easy. You just use your nail to make a little slit in the stem and then insert another flower into this slit. Your level of professionalism is determined by how long you can make the chain. There were often competitions to see who could make the longest chain. Only those with the nimblest fingers would win!

He loves me…

Should you wish to know the intentions of your beloved pick off the little white florets of a daisy whilst reciting “he love me, he loves me not”. Depending where you are in the rhyme when there is only one floret left will tell you what your beloved’s intentions are.

Birth flower

If your birthday is in April, then the Daisy is your birth flower. The flower is considered to represent purity, modesty and innocence.

Personal favourite

The daisy is one of my favourite flowers. It may not be fancy but it is reliable and you should always challenge yourself to try and see one on your daily walk. Another reason, why I might be fond of it, is because Mary Seale, my grandmother had the habit of calling everybody Daisy. She reckoned that this approach saved time on trying to remember every one’s name! As I get older, I think she might be right!

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