Meas torc allta

B. Doherty

Cathy Seale 2017

Tutsan is a partially evergreen shrub found in the hedges around Woodlawn. Its scientific name is Hypericum androsaemum and it is in the family group of hypericaceae. It is thought to have healing powers for burns and cholera.

The 16th century herbalist, Nicholas Culpeper wrote: ‘It is a herb of Saturn and a most noble antivenereal.  Tutsan purgeth choleric humours .. for therein it worketh the same effects, both to cure sciatica and gout and to heal burnings by fire’.

The tutsan leaf, when dried out and pressed between pages of a book, gives off an aroma. It was commonly used for this purpose in bibles, keeping away the musty smell of aging.

For more information about this and other Wildflowers see Wildflowers of Ireland Website.


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