Marsh Violet

Sailchuach chorraigh

B. Doherty

Marsh Violet
B. Doherty 2018

Common Name;               Marsh Violet

As Gaeilge;                        Sailchuach chorraigh

Common Name:               Marsh violet, Woodland violet

Scientific Name:               Viola palustris

Identification Tips;           Five petals, pale lilac in colour have dark veins and a blunt, pale spur, the petals being rounded. The hairless, heart-shaped leaves have long stalks and oval-shaped stipules at their bases.

Flowering; April to July

A bit more about the woodland violet;

There is no scent from this perennial. It is stemless, making it quite distinctive. Flowers and rosettes of leaves all arise directly from creeping underground stolons or runners. It grows to 15 cm high and is found throughout Ireland in acid bogs, marshy ground and damp woodland. Marsh Violet is a native plant.

For more information see Wildflowers of Ireland

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